Shop better, eat better

Choosing free range eggs is one way to support animal welfare

Caring about the lives of farm animals is a choice we can all make. The conditions in which farm animals live and die can be improved by our purchase power.

Food produced through humane farming methods, including high welfare free range and organic production, can also have health benefits for you, and is better for the environment.

Things you can do

Choose wisely. When buying eggs, dairy products or meat, make sure they are certified higher welfare by a recognised scheme, free range or organic.

Don’t trust the label. Beware of labelling like ‘fresh’, ‘farm fresh’, ‘country fresh’ or ‘farm assured’. These labels say nothing about animal welfare, and the products may be produced on a factory farm. Look for higher welfare labels such as ‘free range’ or ‘organic’ .

Demand high standards. If the shop you use doesn’t stock welfare friendly foods, write to them requesting that they do. Try to maintain your animal-friendly eating habits when you go on holiday.

WSPA is working to promote alternatives to factory farming. Find out more>>