How I can help

Western consumers frequently buy fur products if they are fashionable –– and fashion changes constantly.

This cruel industry will only end when the public refuses to buy or wear fur. So, sign the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) pledge to go fur free: As long as there is a profit to be made, the business of slaughtering animals for their fur will continue.

The single most effective way of ending fur production is to avoid wearing fur altogether, whether it is labelled as new, faux vintage, or even imitation. Wearing fur lends legitimacy to the idea that it is acceptable to slaughter animals in the name of fashion.

WSPA is not opposed to faux fur. However, as a result of fur farming, particularly in China where profit margins are high, real fur is becoming ever cheaper, and ever harder to identify, due to increased modification with dyes. At the same time, faux fur is becoming more and more realistic. Therefore, unless you are 100 per cent sure that the fur used is not real, do not buy it!

Action you can take:

  • Before shopping for a particular designers’ clothes, check whether they incorporate fur into their collections.

  • Write to stores and ask them to go Fur Free (

  • Take a little time to learn more: for further information about fur farming, fur bearing animals and more consumer tips – including a guide on telling fake from real fur – visit the Fur Free Alliance website. This is the world’s largest coalition of animal protection and welfare organisations – of which WSPA is one – working to end the exploitation and killing of animals for their fur.