Please sign our anti whaling petition

Whale tail

Norway’s Government has announced that it has caught and killed 592 whales in the 2007 whaling season. We set up a petition that lasted 25 days - that's the equivalent to 1 whale every hour for 25 days.

The petition is now closed.

Thank you very much for your support for our campaign against Norway’s whaling. 10,698 people from around the world have signed in just 25 days which is a phenomenal response!

We’ll be presenting this figure to the Norwegian government and will let you know their response.


As the Norwegian government starts to consider whaling quotas for 2008, we will have a petition live for 25 days. When the 25 days are up the we will take the petition to the Norwegian government to make the anti-whaling lobby’s voice heard.

The latest figures mean that 8,106 whales have been killed by the country since the 1986 international whaling ban.

Our Programme Manager for Marine Mammals - Claire Bass - said: “In the last 21 years Norway has killed over 8,000 whales – 8,000 whales which should have been protected by the 1986 international whaling ban. Even by the Norwegian government’s own optimistic assumptions 1 in 5 of these animals will have suffered long and painful deaths, some taking an hour to die.”

“Norway is civilized, progressive and environmentally aware; there’s simply no place for an outdated inhumane practice like whaling. We’re looking to Prime Minister Stoltenberg to follow the example set by Iceland and set a zero quota for 2008.” Last month the Icelandic government, the only other country that sanctions commercial whaling, decided not to issue any more commercial whaling quotas until market demand for whale meat improves.

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