Animal protection breakthrough in Taiwan

WSPA and member society Environment and Animal Protection Society of Taiwan (EAST) have achieved a major step forward in animal protection in Taiwan - thanks to a hard-hitting video campaign.

In April we released disturbing footage of cruel practices in Taiwanese slaughterhouses. Scenes included a man repeatedly striking a pig with an iron bar before slitting its throat while fully conscious.

The video spearheaded a campaign calling for stricter legislation and codes of practice to protect animals at slaughter. It provoked over 8000 actions from WSPA supporters around the world – WSPA would like to thank everyone who responded.


A swift amendment to the Animal Protection Act (APA) has now been passed. It makes animal cruelty - including inhumane slaughter - a criminal offence resulting in one year’s imprisonment if violated twice within 5 years. This is stricter than the UK for example, which doesn’t have this level of requirement.

Since the video’s launch, the Council of Agriculture has also:

  • Held a summit with the top managers of all slaughterhouses.
  • Investigated all the slaughterhouses featured in the video and fined slaughterhouses up to £2,000 for not slaughtering animals humanely.
  • Reviewed the enforcement system to ensure inspections are carried out more frequently.
  • A motion was also passed requesting that the Taiwanese Council of Agriculture draw up humane slaughter Codes of Practice within the next 3 months.
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