WSPA Disaster Relief - UPDATE


WSPA uses its expertise and knowledge to react quickly to disasters all over the world. 

The affect these disasters have on animals and their habitats can be devastating.

This can also have a significant impact on the human population as more than one billion people worldwide rely on animals for food and for their livelihoods.

WSPA is currently monitoring and assisting in the following disasters:

Jakarta Flood

Parts of Jakarta, the capital and largest city of Indonesia, and its surrounding areas, have been severely affected by flooding due to recent torrential rain.

WSPA is liasing with Member Society Pro Fauna to monitor the situation. Communication is difficult due to power cuts, but to date assistance has not been needed for animals in the region.

Montserrat Volcano

The Soufriere Hills volcano on the Caribbean Island of Montserrat is at the centre of a Government enforced exclusion zone due to increased volcanic activity. 

An evacuation of up to 800 people will have to take place if any further activity is recorded, with working and companion animals therefore also affected. 

The Government of Montserrat has requested assistance and WSPA is liaising with its Member Society Montserrat Animal Protection Society (MAPS) to assess the situation and find the best way to care for displaced animals. 

A WSPA Disaster Management team will be deployed to Montserrat in the next few days.

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