Bullfighting is not entertainment or tradition – it’s cruelty

Unite Against Cruelty conference

Experts from across Catalonia and around the world came together for the first time at the United against Cruelty: International Anti-bullfighting Conference last week in Barcelona.

Hosted by WSPA and member society ADDA, the conference ended with the passing of a resolution that will be presented to the Catalan Parliament, calling on them to legally ban the cruel and barbaric practice.

Read the resolution (PDF 35KB) >>

The conference

Speeches and debates included philosophers and religious figures discussing the involvement of the Catholic Church; scientists analysing the suffering inflicted on bulls in the ring; and politicians from three parties within the Catalan Parliament were pressured to join forces and use their majority vote to force the ban through. All of the speakers agreed that bullfighting should not be part of modern day life in Spain or anywhere around the world.

While aficionados try to justify that bullfighting is part of Spanish culture, all recent polls conducted show that Spanish people do not accept the practice as part of their traditions. 

WSPA’s Director General, Peter Davies who attended the conference, added:

“It became clear during the conference that we are fighting a big business, which is subsidised by the very governments that we are lobbying for it to end.  While this is a big challenge, we had an extremely productive and well publicised conference in Catalonia and the speakers gave us the opportunity to bring new arguments into the anti bullfighting campaign.”

Fighting on

The conference received a lot of support from universities, international and local animal welfare groups and members of the parliament. Moving forward, ADDA intends to take the signed conference resolution and 700,000 petition signatures to the Catalan Parliament to keep up the pressure to amend the animal welfare bill that currently has an amendment that allows bullfighting to continue.

WSPA and ADDA are working together to end bullfighting in Catalonia; the first step in a universal ban. This conference is a key step forward in WSPA's campaign.

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