Costa Rican seas safe for whales and dolphins

A wild pod of bottle nosed dolphins

WSPA welcomes the news that the President of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias Sánchez, has signed a decree which declares the sea around the country a protected area for whales and dolphins.

This means both Costa Rica’s patrimonial and territorial seas have become sanctuaries for these intelligent, sociable mammals.

This initiative is a further commitment to Costa Rican laws banning any activity that involves killing, capturing, injuring or pursuing any kind of whale, dolphin or porpoise, or using them for commercial gain.

The decree was signed by the president on a ship near Península de Osa, one of Costa Rica’s most visited whale-watching spots, where humpback whales and other species are frequently seen.

WSPA believes it is time for the International Whaling Commission to focus on encouraging a sustainable and well-managed whale-watching industry, and to consign the bloody act of whaling to the history books.

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