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Sep 25, 2008

World Rabies Day: Time for humane solutions

Rabies, though preventable, kills 55,000 people and countless dogs every year. Often, governments respond by shooting or poisoning dogs. On 28 September, WSPA will be raising awareness about more humane solutions.

Sep 23, 2008

Bears escape cruel ‘dancing’ destiny

Four sloth bears were rescued from a life spent ‘dancing’ by authorities in Nepal last week, acting on information provided by WSPA member society the Wildlife Trust of India.

Sep 19, 2008

Former baiter gives up last bear

WSPA member society the Bioresource Research Center of Pakistan (BRC) has seen its persistence and professionalism pay off again this month, as a former bear baiter gave his last remaining bear the chance of a better life at the Kund Park sanctuary.

Sep 5, 2008

Colombia moves closer to making animals matter

Colombia's Ministry of Environment has publicly backed a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare, taking this initiative one step closer to official endorsement by the Colombian government.

Aug 26, 2008

First steps towards health for Cambodian ponies

The doors to the first ever mobile clinic for working horses in Cambodia have opened, after six months of preparation and training by WSPA and the Cambodian Pony Welfare Organisation.