Four of the foulest journeys on earth

Cruel transportation of cattle

The WSPA-led Handle With Care coalition is launching a global campaign today to end the cruel and unnecessary long distance transport of live animals.

Although the transport of chilled and frozen meat has been going on for more than 125 years, still millions of cattle, pigs, horses and sheep still suffer and die while being transported unnecessarily long distances each year just to be slaughtered on arrival.

The Handle with Care coalition, which is comprised of leading international animal welfare groups, has come together to fight this issue.

The campaign highlights four of the worst routes: sheep from Australia to the Middle East, cattle from Brazil to Lebanon, horses from Spain to Italy and Pigs from Canada to Hawaii.

Undercover footage filmed over two years by a global coalition of animal welfare groups has revealed the brutality of transporting animals long distances simply to be slaughtered at the journey’s end. 

WSPA’s Paul Rainger said: “The cruelty these animals endure is completely unacceptable in the 21st century. This trade is one in which millions of animals suffer cruel and unnecessary journeys each year.  It must stop.”

Visit to see the footage and find out more.

Then please take action: add your name to one of the letters of protest calling on governments to stop the cruel and unnecessary long distance transport of animals for slaughter.

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