Award-winning film reveals truth of animal transportation

The film reveals the unnecessary suffering experienced by animals in transit

The film reveals the unnecessary suffering experienced by animals in transit

A film produced by the Handle with Care coalition, a WSPA-led campaign to end the long distance transport of animals to slaughter, has helped win over a great deal of public and political support. It has now also won a European award.

The International Rights Protection film festival is an annual event, run by the Ukrainian group the Centre for the Ethical treatment of Animals (CETA), a WSPA member society.

The Handle with Care film won in the festival’s special prize for the best documentary on animal rights, a category which several high profile international animal welfare and rights groups entered.

Why the film matters

Despite a growing frozen and chilled meat trade, millions of animals still suffer appalling and unnecessary journeys: they are cramped, hot, hungry and dehydrated. Many die before they reach their destination.

The 10 minute film, available to watch on You Tube, exposes the inhumane conditions animals are forced to endure en route to slaughter, conditions that some exporters deny. 

It also looks at the consequences and effects of transporting animals in this manner for human health and food safety.

The film has helped the campaign achieve significant change in its first year, including an 11% drop in pig exports from the US mainland to Hawaii, saving 2,000 animals a year from a horrific land and sea journey.

Protect animals from cruelty

Please help spread the Handle with Care message: the long distance transport of animals to slaughter is cruel and unnecessary.

Forward a link to the film to your friends ( and take action at the Handle with Care website to help us protect millions of animals from suffering.

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