Transporters refuse to show footage of animal abuse

Undercover footage showing the ugly truth of live long distance transport

Undercover footage showing the ugly truth of live long distance transport

WSPA was disappointed that undercover footage showing the cruel truth of the long distance transport of animals for slaughter was banned from the recent Animal Transportation Association (AATA) conference. This is despite WSPA being a full member of the AATA and presenting factual and timely research.

WSPA submitted the footage – intended to educate conference goers to the true conditions for live animals on long journeys – as part of its proposed exhibit to AATA three months prior to the event, held in Dresden from 18-21 May 2008.

However, WSPA staff only received notification a week before the conference that it had been reviewed and rejected by the Program Committee, the AATA-Elect and the President as they do not feel it is an accurate portrayal of the industry.

A ban on constructive dialogue?

WSPA’s Sofia Parente said: “This amounts to censorship. We are not one of the animal rights groups planning to demonstrate outside the conference. We are participant members of this association and a UN-affiliated animal welfare organisation working with rather than against governments, transporters and organisations like AATA to improve the lives of billions of farm animals.”

She added: “We are not pointing the finger at AATA but urging them to work with us to encourage the industry to adopt and promote best practice so that the accurate and appalling images revealed in our film become consigned to history.”

WSPA plans to continue working with the AATA and its member to highlight the cruelty of long journeys to slaughter in which animal welfare is compromised.

The campaign continues

The banned footage forms part of the Handle with Care coalition’s campaign. Another valuable coalition resource is the Long Distance Transport and Welfare of Farm Animals – the largest and most comprehensive academic reference book on the subject of long distance transport of animals for slaughter ever published. Read more >>

Find out more about the campaign to end the long distance transport of live animals and take action at

The Handle with Care coalition also includes internationally recognised organisations such as Compassion in World Farming, RSPCA, RSPCA Australia, Dierenbescherming (Dutch SPA), Dyrenes Beskyttelse (Danish SPA), World Horse Welfare, Humane Society International, Born Free USA and Eurogroup for Animals.

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