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Mar 24, 2009

European Union support boosts UDAW campaign

The EU has announced support for a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare – a major breakthrough for the recognition of animal welfare as a globally important issue.

Mar 18, 2009

First animal residents for Model Farm Project

An 80-strong herd of cattle have become the first livestock to populate the Brazilian Model Farm, enabling the project to start training farmers in humane and sustainable farming methods.

Mar 6, 2009

United condemnation of new whaling plans

WSPA and the world’s leading anti-whaling organisations condemn plans to allow hunts in Japanese coastal waters. We call for governments to oppose this deal, which could destroy the international commercial whaling ban.

Mar 5, 2009

WSPA announces new Director General

Michael Baker has been appointed as WSPA's new Director General, taking over from Major General Peter Davies midway through the year.

Mar 5, 2009

Your support spurs animal champion to victory

Our thanks to over 30,000 WSPA supporters, who spurred a Public Prosecutor on to achieve a total ban on cruel and unnecessary live cattle exports from a key Brazilian port.

Feb 27, 2009

Petition power: Handle with Care welcomed by EU

The Handle with Care campaign has presented the EU Health Commissioner with over 150,000 signatures calling for the better enforcement of laws protecting animals transported within Europe.