Bullfighting: Your chance to say ‘enough’

The bloody reality of a bullfight, Catalonia

The bloody reality of a bullfight, Catalonia

Now is your chance to help end the cruel blood sport of bullfighting in Catalonia, Spain, for good! Support the Catalonian people’s Prou (‘enough’) campaign to protect bulls and horses from violence. Find out how here >>

Multiple independent polls have shown that a majority of the Catalonian people feel no connection to the archaic practice of bullfighting, which sees a bull harassed and attacked by men, on foot and horseback, wielding spears and knives.

This is a backed by the decision of 69 Catalonian towns to declare themselves anti-bullfighting. In one of the most tradition-rich and popular tourist regions of Spain, this is a huge statement.

Enough is enough!

Since December 2008, over 180,000 Catalonian citizens have united behind the Prou campaign, demanding an end to the bloody cruelty of bullfighting in their region.

The vast number of signatures means the Catalonian Parliament must vote soon on whether to do as the people ask, and remove an exemption that leaves the animals used in bullfights unprotected by otherwise good animal protection legislation. 

Modifying the existing law to include horses and bulls used in bullfights would effectively mean a region-wide ban. No more animals would go through the ordeal of the ring, where a bull can take 20 minutes to die from its wounds.

Take a stand on bullfighting

And while only Catalonian citizens can force a vote in the parliament, you can help influence the outcome.

 “While this historic decision ultimately rests in the hands of Catalonia's members of parliament, encouragement from around the world can give them a much-needed vote of confidence,” says Alyx Dow, manager of WSPA’s anti-bullfighting campaign.

“They must feel part of the global community that believes it is time for an end to bullfighting."

Please sign a letter of support, asking members of the Catalonian Parliament to be bold and accept the Prou campaign’s – their people’s – demands.

Enough is enough. Let’s show the Catalonian Parliament that their citizens’ anti-cruelty campaign has worldwide backing >>

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