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Dec 23, 2009

Celebrating real change for animals in 2009

Thank you. With your support, WSPA and our member societies have achieved great things for animals this year. Many are better cared for, better protected, and have brighter futures as 2009 closes.

Dec 22, 2009

So nearly the last dance

Despite reports that bear dancing has been eradicated from India, work still needs to be done before we can celebrate. More bears still need rescuing. Join us in looking back over our journey and forward to a better future …

Dec 18, 2009

Catalonian parliament edges towards bullfighting ban

A citizens’ advocacy campaign in Catalonia has resulted in local politicians approving a debate on changes to the Catalan Animal Protection Law, extending it to include the bulls and horses used in bullfights.

Dec 17, 2009

Help create a fur-free future!

With fur back in fashion, it’s ever more important that we celebrate successes for the anti-fur movement and remind ourselves and our friends why this acute cruelty will never be acceptable.

Dec 9, 2009

Norway’s whaling: disregarding welfare, defying logic

Norway’s 2010 whaling quota is their largest since choosing to defy the International Whaling Commission’s ban on commercial whaling. But as Norway increases its hunt, WSPA’s defence of whale welfare is growing.

Dec 3, 2009

Twenty years of bear care

Three orphaned bear cubs have been released back into the wild after spending five months at Idaho Black Bear Rehab (IBBR)’s pioneering centre.

Nov 12, 2009

Critical milestone for UDAW campaign

In a landmark decision, MPs from all four of Canada's political parties have unanimously adopted a motion which calls on the government to support (in principle) the development of a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare.

Nov 2, 2009

Bali’s dogs at risk again

A recent outbreak of rabies on this otherwise idyllic island has seen government authorities rush headlong into a mass elimination programme – except they’re focussed on eliminating dogs, not rabies.