New ‘one-stop-shop’ for farm animal welfare

Cattle, Brazil

Cattle, Brazil

WSPA is pleased to be involved in a new ‘one-stop-shop’ internet portal providing the latest information to help improve the welfare of livestock, launched by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

The Gateway to Farm Animal Welfare provides reliable information for individuals and organisations that need advice about legislation and research findings, and animal welfare standards, practices and policies.

From online to on-the-ground

Designed to be used by farmers, government officials, lawmakers, researchers, the livestock and food industry and non-governmental organisations, the portal has the potential to make a real difference to the agricultural practices, and therefore to the lives of many farm animals. 

“At WSPA we are working to create a world where each individual animal matters and raising standards by reaching industry, governments and individual farmers through this database could really make a difference,” says Carla Boreham, WSPA’s representative on the gateway’s editorial board.

As part of the editorial board and with staff in the directory of professionals, WSPA is able to influence the Gateway to Farm Animal Welfare's content and use the experience of our staff and member societies (spread across over 150 countries) to contribute to the world’s growing knowledge of farm animal welfare.

Kinder farming: a practical reality

WSPA’s practical commitment to combating factory farming – the world’s most widespread animal welfare abuse, which also damages human health and the environment – was most recently demonstrated in the opening of our ‘model farm’ in Brazil.

The Model Farm Project, a joint initiative of FAI and WSPA, is designed to show farmers and animal transporters that treating animals with respect also makes economic and environmental sense.

This is achieved through practical demonstrations of and training in humane farming methods on a working farm, backed by sound research.

Find out more about WSPA’s work for farm animal welfare >>

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