WSPA Director General honoured by Eurogroup

WSPA Director General honoured by Eurogroup

WSPA Director General honoured by Eurogroup

Major General Peter Davies CB has received the Eurogroup award for outstanding service to animal welfare.

Eurogroup for Animals represents a united voice for animal welfare organisations in Europe, working closely with European Union institutions.

The citation from Eurogroup states that the award was given to Major General Peter Davies CB to “honour his contribution to animal welfare, recognising that he has always been a keen supporter of our work. His influence has helped to motivate various organisations to work together towards our common goal and to strive for higher standards and a better protection of all animals.

Under his leadership, both the RSPCA and WSPA committed to work on European issues and enabled other less resourced groups also to join in the priority campaigns. His motivation and his persuasion of others helped achieving progress and this reinforces in many ways Eurogroup’s raison d’être: "to unite our efforts and voices in order to be stronger and more influential".

The award was initiated in 1998 and each year is given to an individual who has made prominent contributions to the animal welfare movement. Last year, the award was given to Dr. Jane Goodall, primatologist of international renown.

On receiving the award, Peter said, "I was greatly honoured to receive the Eurogroup for Animals Award 2009 as I have always had the greatest of respect for the work done by the Executive and Staff in Brussels and Strasbourg to initiate and strengthen EU laws and regulations surrounding the widest range of animal welfare issues."

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