Mounting international support as Catalonia considers abolishing bullfighting

The bloody reality of a bullfight, Catalonia

The bloody reality of a bullfight, Catalonia

Nobel Prize laureate John M. Coetzee and the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association have addressed letters to the Catalonian Parliament supporting the abolishment on bullfighting.

In a joint letter addressed to Mr. Ernest Benach, President of the Catalonian Parliament, Nobel Prize laureate John M. Coetzee, and Professor Emeritus Priscilla Cohn, widow of the Catalonian philosopher Ferrater Mora, urged the MPs to approve the initiative organized by the PROU and abolish bullfighting.

Individual liberty no excuse for cruelty

Responding to the argument of bullfighting lobbyists that an abolition of bullfighting would be an attack on individual liberties, Coetzee and Cohn stated that “neither in respect of morality nor in the eyes of the law does individual liberty mean that we are individually free to treat other living beings – whether human or non-human – as we please.”

Bulls do suffer

In another gesture of support, the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association (HSVMA) has addressed a letter to the Parliament of Catalonia urging the institution to disregard suggestions that the fighting bull might not suffer significantly during a bullfight.

The HSVMA along with the prominent veterinarians and animal ethicists cosignants of the letter are now the fourth group of veterinary experts that have made a public statement against bullfighting. The Spanish Association of Veterinarians for the Abolition of Tauromachy (AVAT), the French Collective of Veterinarians Opposed to the Corrida, and the Faculty of Biological Sciences of the University of Valencia have urged governments to abolish bullfighting on the grounds that this practice is unacceptably cruel.

Your voice at Barcelona

On Monday 26th July, WSPA representatives will be handing in a letter signed by 140,000 supporters from 120 countries to Ernest Benach, President of the Catalonian Parliament. The letter is addressed to all Catalonian Members of Parliament, expressing international support for the ILP and calling for an end to bullfighting in Catalonia.

We will also be standing by to witness proceedings as the Catalonian Parliament goes to vote on the motion, and will be updating you with information as we have it.


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