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Humane Chain Global 219WSPA has launched a worldwide campaign, calling on supporters to tell the Australian Government to end live animal exports for good. By adding your photo to our Global Humane Chain, you can show them that the world is watching and urging them to do the right thing.

Australia is the world’s largest exporter of animals for slaughter, sending millions of sheep and hundreds of thousands of cattle to countries with inadequate animal protection lawsevery year.

The plight of Australian cattle sent live to Indonesia was brought to the world’s attention recently, when horrific evidence of cruelty in Indonesian abattoirs from Animals Australia and RSPCA Australia aired on the ABC’s Four Corner’s TV programme.

In response to huge public outcry, a temporary ban on live cattle exports was announced, along with official inquiries into the live export of both sheep and cattle. Shockingly, before these inquiries were even finished, the Australian Government backtracked and reinstated the live cattle trade.

WSPA’s long-term campaign in Australia has argued time and again that there is no such thing as humane live export. Suffering is inherent in transporting animals the long distances to Asia and the Middle East. During the journey they suffer heat stress, cramped conditions and starvation, often causing a slow and painful death. Most that survive go on to be killed inhumanely whilst fully conscious.

WSPA campaign manager Jessica Borg says: ‘Numerous investigations have provided evidence of animals being handled and slaughtered in ways that would not be tolerated or legal in Australia’.

‘Enough is enough. It’s time to tell the Australian Government that the world is watching and we will not put up with its excuses any longer. There is simply no such thing as humane live export and for that reason Australian live exports must be stopped.’

Add your photo to be part of this global petition calling on the Australian Government to end live exports once and for all. Simply stand with your arms outstretched to join hands with WSPA supporters from around the world who are opposed to this cruel practice. The photos will be tallied and the most iconic from each country will be presented to the Australian Government.

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