Hollywood star Alice Braga backs WSPA’s Pawprint campaign

On the Road, City of God and I am Legend actress Alice Braga joined us to back our Pawprint campaign to promote farm animal welfare at the Earth Summit in Rio this week.

155,000 people around the world have also backed Pawprint, calling for better conditions for farm animals.

It’s time for kinder farming

Animal lover Alice, who has five dogs, was in Rio to help raise awareness of the impact of intensive animal farming methods on the welfare of the world’s 60 billion farm animals, on people and on the environment.

With the number of animals farmed for food set to double by 2050, the majority of which are subject to intensive farming methods, billions more animals will continue to suffer, unless humane farming methods are adopted on a wide scale basis.

If animals live well, we live well

Actress Ms Braga stated: "We want to show the world that farm animal welfare is an issue of paramount importance for the preservation of our planet. Kinder animal farming practices can reduce pollution of our rivers and soil and help preserve our precious natural resources.

“Especially at a time of severe food crisis and global poverty, Rio +20 will be a unique opportunity to look at the impact intensive farming has on our environment, on people and on society. I support the WSPA Pawprint campaign calling for Rio+20 and governments to put humane farm welfare on the agenda”.

You don’t have to be in Rio to get involved: join the Pawprint campaign today!

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