Bolivian drought intervention to benefit more than 50,000 animals

Our Disaster Animal Response Team are responding to severe drought affecting Pelechuco district in La Paz province, Bolivia.

Communities high in the Andean mountains are reliant on animals such as camelid, alpaca, vicuna and sheep to sustain livelihoods. However, as the drought takes its toll, animals are suffering and falling to disease and malnutrition. As a rural and isolated community, it is the animals the people care for which also sustain well-being and generate income.

Find out more from our Animals in Disasters blog below:

"An intense drought that began in 2012 has been declared a disaster and national emergency by the Bolivian Government...Rainfall and melting ice help maintain pastures in the mountains during the driest months, but since 2012 the rains have disappeared, leading to more than 10,000 camelid deaths..."Read the full story here.

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