Supporting Better Dairy: can you help us complete the picture?

Happy cows Broken Digital Artwork 800x450

Only a few days left to tell Commisioner Borg that Europe's hardworking dairy cows need an EU Directive to protect them. We are close to meeting our target of 250,000 signatures. Can you help us by adding your name to the picture?

The Supporting Better Dairy coalition is a partnership between WSPA, Compassion in World Farming and Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream. Research shows that across the EU there are widespread health problems caused by poor housing, living conditions and diet. Common problems include lack of access to pasture, painful conditions such as lameness and mastitis, infertility and low life expectancy.

Dairy cows are one of the only farm animals that do not have their own legislation, tailored to the special needs of their species. This means that welfare standards across Europe vary greatly. Supporting Better Dairy believes an EU Directive on Dairy Cow Welfare would raise standards across Europe and make a fairer market for EU farmers too. The Directive should be based on four welfare pillars – good health, adequate feed, appropriate housing with adequate access to pasture, and the ability to behave naturally.

Take action today by visiting and add your name to the picture.
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