Dutch Parliament unites against EU bullfighting subsidies

More than 250,000 bulls are killed in bullrings all around the world each year

Encouraging news today. The Dutch Parliament have adopted a resolution against EU subsidies supporting the Spanish bullfighting industry. 

The Dutch resolution is timely. Currently, the Spanish Parliament is debating a law designed to promote bullfighting as cultural heritage. In practice, this would mean more public funding for the bullfighting industry and the promotion of bullfighting to young children. What's more, it would threaten the regional ban on bullfighting in Catalonia. On July 10 and 11, a hearing will take place in the Spanish Parliament and a vote is expected early September. 

Did you know, 130 million euros fund Spanish bullfighting each year?

In a report issued earlier this year, it is estimated that Spanish bullfighting receives 130 million euros annually from EU tax payers via subsidies under the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy. With the adoption of today’s resolution, the Dutch Parliament is taking a firm stance against such public funding in support of this cruel form of ‘entertainment’. 

Dirk Verdonk, programmes director WSPA Netherlands said: ‘WSPA is extremely worried about this law proposal. We therefore very much welcome the Dutch stance against public funding of the Spanish bullfighting industry and hope it will convey a compelling signal to Spanish Parliamentarians that the deliberate infliction of pain and suffering on a sentient animal for entertainment cannot be considered to be culture.’

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