Finding the root causes of disaster risk



Sunday, October 13, is the International Day for Disaster Reduction, and we’ll be celebrating.

With nearly 50 years’ experience of safeguarding animal welfare in disasters, we know that responsibility for animal management in disasters lies first with local and national governments.

In order to achieve the greatest impact for millions of animals and protect the livelihoods of communities in which they live, we will continue to convince governments worldwide to integrate animals into their emergency plans. 

Our vision is to ensure animals and the people who depend on them are protected from disasters. In order to best protect, we must tackle the root cause of a community’s vulnerability to disaster, then identify how to lower that risk. 

We are supporting disability and disasters because we recognise the need for community awareness within disaster planning and management. We recognise the impact stemming from deeper root causes of vulnerability and risk, as well as the need to address disaster resilience for all. Vulnerability is universal and animal-owners are a part of that - we also understand that disasters and disability is a part of that too.

International Day for Disaster Reduction is focussing on disability this year. With one-fifth of the world's population living with a disability, it’s vital that we work with governments to reduce the impact of disasters and build resilient communities.

We all have a role to play, so please join us in supporting the International Day for Disaster Reduction by joining us in telling as many people as possible about the day on Twitter. Find out how to get involved with a Thunderclap here. 

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