WSPA teams up with VIER PFOTEN and Save the Dogs

Over a month ago the Constitutional Court of Romania authorised the mass killing of Romania’s stray dogs, sparking outrage around the world. People have taken to the streets to protest against the law and over 40,000 WSPA supporters have called on the Romanian government to find a humane alternative to managing the country’s stray dog population.

WSPA refuses to give up

To strengthen our efforts, we have joined forces with other animal welfare organisations that have worked in Romania for a number of years and have experience of solving canine overpopulation problems through humane solutions.


Together, we will develop a nationwide plan to tackle Romania’s stray dog population by focusing on a combination of sterilisation programmes,identification and registration of dogs, adoptions and public education on responsible ownership. We will be meeting with Romanian politicians and convincing them to work with us to solve this problem the humane way.


Speaking on behalf of the group, Simon Pope, Director of Campaigns & Communication at WSPA UK said:


“We have seen first-hand that mass-killing is not the solution to canine overpopulation.Hundreds of thousands of dogs have been killed in Romania over the last twenty years and yet the problem continues to persist. With our support, the government can put in place a plan that will effectively deal with the problem humanely, once and for all.”

We need your help

Help us urge the Romanian government to think again by adding your voice to the petition and asking others to do the same.


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