Paul McCartney puts WSPA ‘Out There’

© 2013 MPL Communications Ltd / Photographer: MJ Kim

© 2013 MPL Communications Ltd / Photographer: MJ Kim

Sir Paul McCartney, the most successful singer-songwriter in history, is one of our most valued WSPA supporters.

McCartney recently showed his support by promoting WSPA in the lavish brochure for his current, wildly successful, Out There tour. Given particularly the size and passion of his audience, and the sheer number of charities vying for his attention, this is a very valuable endorsement.

He wrote: “I support the World Society for the Protection of Animals because they move individuals, organisations and governments to transform animals’ lives. They are working towards ending the suffering of industrially farmed animals, helping individual animals caught up in disasters zones by proving that a humane response works best for animals and people.”

Last year he was a co-signatory with Tanya Streeter and Richard Branson, of a letter which WSPA sent the Cayman Turtle Farm to say that: ‘there is no humane way to farm sea turtles.’ 

He shared our campaign message and video across his website, facebook and twitter feed, and helped our campaign reach the public in a way that it never would have done without his endorsement. His tweet alone was re-tweeted 2357 times!

McCartney has been, for four decades, a huge animal welfare, conservation, peace and vegetarian activist. He has campaigned against seal hunts, whaling, nuclear weapons and his Meat Free Mondays campaign is encouraging people to cut down on their meat consumption. 

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