Petitioning against proposed legislation to protect bullfighting

We’re gathering with other leading animal NGO’s outside the Spanish Embassy in London today, to oppose proposed legislation that will protect bullfighting under the status of ‘cultural heritage’.

Groups, including Humane Society International, League Against Cruel Sports and PETA are presenting a 67,000 signature-strong petition to see bullfighting banned, not protected.
If passed, the legislation will see public funds used to prop up the industry, a move that is not supported by Spanish citizens. A recent Ipsos MORI poll showed that three out of four people in Spain do not wish their taxes to be used for this purpose.

In the Netherlands, groups are also gathering in front of the Spanish Embassy, celebrating with some Spanish Flamenco dancing, to underline the message that real culture stops where animal cruelty begins. WSPA teams have also made visits to Spanish Embassies in Copenhagen and Canberra.

The proposed legislation is currently being discussed by members of the Culture Committee in the Congress of Deputies (lower house). The final text of the legislation is scheduled to be discussed and voted on by both houses of the Spanish parliament within the next week. 

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