World Veterinarian Day focuses on vaccinations

Tsunami damage assessment and rabies vaccination campaign sponsored by WSPA in the Southern sector of Sri Lanka.

World Veterinary Day (WVD) takes place on April 27th and vets from around the world join together to highlight the crucial importance of vaccination. We are delighted that WVA are highlighting the importance of vaccination programs this year.

At WSPA we passionately campaign for the mass vaccination of dogs and the end of brutal mass culling, which is at once horrific and ineffective in addressing the underlying issues of disease. Leading organisations committed to controlling rabies, include the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) agree that killing dogs does not control canine rabies - and therefore has no impact on reducing the incidence of rabies in humans.

We know that vaccinating at least 70 per cent of a dog population creates a barrier of healthy immune dogs, which prevents the disease from spreading. Unable to spread between dogs, the number of canine rabies cases decreases; and when rabies in dogs is eliminated, the threat is eliminated for people.

We want all governments currently killing dogs in an attempt to eliminate rabies to stop, and to implement mass vaccination programs instead. We want IGOs to protect dogs and prevent rabies by promoting, facilitating and funding mass dog vaccination programs as the only effective global solution to rabies.

Our aim is to ensure that no dog is needlessly killed in response to rabies, and all countries affected by rabies are running mass vaccination campaigns to help stamp out this terrible preventable disease.

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