Clever kinder farms

All over the world, farmers are proving that kind is clever: rejecting animal cruelty, they are building their markets and turning a profit with minimal environmental impact. Meet some of the best cared for farm animals and discover the surprising benefits of animal-friendly farming for our world.

Case studies

Kegg Farm

Meet a new breed

In rural India, free-range chicken rearing is bringing surprising benefits for people. Find out how animal-friendly farming is helping over 1 million poor households to improve their incomes >>

Korin Farm

Laying firm foundations

A pioneering Brazilian company is proving that animal-friendly farming can benefit farmers, as demand for its environmentally sound and chemical-free produce grows… >>

White Oak

Meet Atlanta’s best kept cattle

Discover a farm where treating cows kinder is far smarter, also providing better quality meat for health-conscious consumers and stable local livelihoods in an unpolluted rural landscape >>

Creating greener pastures for cows in Kenya

Creating greener pastures for cows in Kenya

In Kenya, a co-operative of pasture-based dairy farmers is raising productivity, improving livelihoods, increasing food security and providing good health and welfare for cattle.