Life on the farm

A minority of animals are already living good lives, and those good lives are having surprising benefits for people and the planet. Kinder farming is clever farming: find how making life on the farm better can help us tackle problems like pollution and poverty.

Meet the animals


Meet Chris. He lives as part of a small herd on some lovely pasture, cared for by farmers but generally left to eat as much grass as he likes and just enjoy being a cow.


This is Charlotte, who lays the eggs that you really love to eat. In 2011, over 1 billion eggs were eaten – 173 for every person in the world.


This is Clarice. She is one of tens of billions of chickens reared annually to feed us. It’s a huge industry, but it doesn’t need to be industrial.


Molly works hard each day to produce the many litres of milk needed to make the dairy products that we love, like ice cream, cheese, yoghurt and butter.


This is Ping, one of more than a billion pigs living in farms all over the globe. They supply us with pork: the world’s most popular meat.


Stanley is just one of the billion sheep that are being farmed around the world each year for their meat, milk, cheese and wool.