Better farming means better animal welfare

Did you know?
An incredible 65 billion animals are farmed for their meat, milk and eggs every year.  Many billions endure a miserable existence, never seeing the light of day or feeling fresh air. Their short lives are spent confined to the cramped and unnatural conditions of industrial farming units and they are often bred to grow rapidly to maximise the amount of meat, eggs, or milk produced, causing serious health problems.  Although the stress, pain and suffering caused to the world’s farm animals by these farming methods is appalling and unacceptable, industrial livestock farming is growing at a rapid rate.

With better farming we can help to end animal suffering

Did you know?
Animals can be farmed humanely, cost effectively and in a way which allows producers to make a good living.  More and more people around the world are saying ‘no’ to products from intensive industrial systems.  Not surprisingly, welfare standards and labelling systems which allow animals to be reared in better conditions are being developed in response to consumer demand. 

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Take action. Demand that your government work quickly to protect animals through better farming.