Better farming can benefit our environment

Did you know?
Industrial farming is not only responsible for widespread animal suffering, it is also having huge impacts on the environment. Livestock farming is a major contributor to climate change that is threatening the future of life on earth, to scarcity of natural resources and to the pollution of soil, water and air. Farming’s rapid spread through our rainforests and natural savannah lands to provide animal feed is also destroying our planet’s irreplaceable biodiversity – the natural balance that protects us all…

Did you know?
Animal-friendly farms can help to protect our planet.  Well-managed pasture systems can reduce greenhouse gas emissions; organic farms often have better levels of biodiversity; and manure from organic and free range farms can be used locally to fertilise crops, while causing fewer pollution problems than the vast amounts produced on industrial farms.  These farms are better for animals too…

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Environmental protection is an urgent global issue.

Take action. Demand that your government works quickly to protect the environment through better farming.