Better farming protects our resources

Did you know?
Industrialised farming systems are rapidly consuming the world’s precious resources including water, energy and land.

Just one person’s consumption of industrially produced meat can use thousands of litres of water to produce   and 40 times more calories in fossil fuels to produce than you get to eat!.  Not surprisingly our continued and growing demand for cheap and industrially-produced meat, eggs and dairy products is gobbling up the land, water, air, soil and fossil fuels needed to help ourselves and future generations survive.

But better animal care and clever farming are key to protecting our planet.

Did you know?
Although animals reared in fields and pastures may be using more land than animals reared in intensive farms, appearances can be deceiving… Often these free-range farms use land not suitable for producing crops, such as upland areas. Intensively reared livestock are highly dependent on cereals, whereas animals reared on pasture can require less grain, freeing up resources for feeding people. Farms which rear animals on pasture often use less water and fuel than intensive, indoor methods.  Raising grass-fed beef, for example, can require half the amount of fossil fuel and half the water than beef farmed industrially. 

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Take action. Demand that your government works quickly to protect our irreplaceable resources through better farming.