WSPA Brazil holds international event to promote animal welfare best practice

WSPA Brazil holds international event with Ministry of Agriculture and São Paulo State University to promote animal welfare best practice in livestock breeding, transportation and slaughter.

The event held in a partnership with MAPA, Embrapa and Unesp will bring together national and international specialists from June 11 to 13 in the city of São Pedro, in São Paulo State.

The best practices and most innovative methods in livestock handling during the phases of breeding, transportation and slaughtering of poultry, bovines and swines will be one of the key issues on the agenda of the International Workshop on Farm Animals, which will take place from June 11 to 13 in the city of São Pedro, in São Paulo, Brazil.

As the result of a partnership of WSPA Brazil with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA, in the Brazilian acronym), Embrapa and Unesp (São Paulo State University), the event will bring together a host of technical and scientific lectures and panels aimed at exchanging ground breaking experiences to enhance farm animal welfare in agribusiness-related issues.

The agenda of the Workshop was developed on the basis of crucial themes that can bring about solutions to problems in the production chain. Charli Ludtke, WSPA Brasil Farm Animals Manager, who is also the coordinator of the event, points out that WSPA will rely on the support of a technical board, in addition to highlighting relevant topics, such as:

  • Animal welfare and corporate sustainability
  • Global prospects for animal welfare
  • Welfare at bovine raising
  • Experiences achieved at pig raising through the implementation of farm with sows housing group in Brazil and Europe
  • Heat stress during transport of poultry
  • Adequate stunning methods for farm animals
  • Benchmark of the animal welfare in agribusiness
  • Actions of the European Community, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) with the aim of improving animal welfare during the phases of breeding, transportation and slaughtering, and
  • Experiences derived from trainings promoting animal welfare in the transportation and pre-slaughter of farm animals.
According to the coordinator of the Permanent Technical Board for Animal Welfare at MAPA, Andrea Parrila, the event is a milestone in animal welfare in Brazil:

"We will have an opportunity to discuss these themes with renowned professionals, in addition to stressing the progress that Brazil has made since the signing of an Agreement on Technical Assistance with the European Commission’s DG-SANCO and the opening of a Public Consultation on the Normative Instruction that approves technical regulations on humanitarian pre-slaughter handling and slaughter.”

Attendees can register until June 7 at, where they can also find the complete agenda of the event.

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