First teacher training in Bangkok a success

Teachers at the workshop use WSPA's Bears of the World resource

Teachers at the workshop use WSPA's Bears of the World resource

In September 2008, 44 teachers, representing 18 schools from around Bangkok, attended WSPA’s first one-day teacher training workshop. The training provided International Animal Welfare Education (IN AWE) training to both primary and secondary school teachers.

Teacher training workshops are a vital and integral part of IN AWE, WSPA’s animal welfare education programme for 5 to 16 year olds. During the workshops teachers have the opportunity to learn about the importance and benefits of animal welfare education, discuss how it can be integrated into their lessons and receive resources and materials.

WSPA education manager, Nicola Ball, reported that “The workshop was a great success with teachers participating enthusiastically in all the activities and providing valuable insights and suggestions based on their teaching experience."

After the success of this inaugural workshop – the participants gave positive feedback about both the activities and materials – WSPA will run further introductory sessions later this year, as well as providing follow-up training and support for the participants of this first event.

Other IN AWE events planned for this year in Thailand include training for pre-service teachers and demonstration classes; in 2009 IN AWE workshops will also take place in India and Vietnam.

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