TV star stands up for a world where Animals Matter

Celebrity Por Tissadee leads pet care education in a Thai school

Celebrity Por Tissadee leads pet care education in a Thai school

Thai TV3 star Por Thrissadee Sahawong has generously supported WSPA since 2007. In his role as WSPA Asia Ambassador, he helps to promote our vision of a world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty ends. Recently, he took this message into a Thai school. 

Por Thrissadee joined WSPA education activities at Satit Mor Sor Vor Prasanmitr School and also visited Soi Cats and Dogs (SCAD), a WSPA member society working with companion animals in Bangkok .

Caring for animals begins at home

At the school Por Thrissadee proved himself to be a great teacher and the students thoroughly enjoyed and paid enthusiastic attention towards the topic of ‘your pets’. During the lesson the young participants learnt about the basic needs of animals and the responsibility of being a pet owner.

Describing his activities for the day, Por Thrissadee recounted “After joining the education activity at the school, I went to visit one of WSPA member societies, SCAD at Soi Pri Di Panomyoung to adopt puppy from the re-homing programme.”

He added “I would like to urge everyone to take good care of their pets through understanding and providing for their basic needs. Also, if you are looking for dog you should adopt from a centre like SCAD’s rather than buy from the market as you can give an abandoned dog a new life and new home.”

A true advocate for animals

Por Tissadee meets a new friend at WSPA member society SCAD

Por Tissadee meets a new friend at WSPA member society SCAD


Por Thrissadee's passion for animal welfare is clear: “Every time I work with WSPA, I’m always happy because I can give a voice to animals who cannot speak for themselves. I started supporting WSPA through promoting the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare which aims to achieve international recognition for animal welfare and today I’m proud to be part of the new education programme. I hope that through activities like this children will have greater compassion for animals and won’t commit acts of cruelty towards them.”

Showing his full commitment to WSPA and its work Por Thrissadee went on to explain “This year I plan to join several WSPA programmes nationwide to further promote the animal welfare and encourage people to stop cruelty to animal. I think this issue is a vital concern in our county and the world. It affects all part of our lives including our health and economy.” 

You can sign the petition calling for a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare too, by visting Animals Matter to Me >>