VPAT President calls on the veterinary community to sign up to UDAW



The Veterinary Practitioner Association of Thailand (VPAT) has organized the VPAT Regional Veterinary Congress (VRVC 2008), an international standard congress held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, Thailand on April 27 – 30, 2008. Invited speakers are well acclaimed and known for their expertise in each field and the quality of the congress has attracted hundreds of veterinarians from neighbouring countries. VPAT aims to establish Thailand as a centre for exchange, collaboration and development for veterinarians of Asian nations and as an alternate source for global knowledge. VPAT takes the opportunity of its announcement of Thailand as an Asian hub for vets to showcases the role of the veterinary profession in raising standards of animal welfare by signing up to the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW). Demonstrating its commitment to animal welfare, the VPAT and VRVC 2008 have formally supported the UDAW. The Declaration, which represents the Asian’s first international agreement on animal welfare, recognises that sentient animals are capable of pain and suffering, deserving consideration and respect, and calls for effect animal welfare legislation to be developed and enforced around the world. It is hoped that the Declaration will ultimately be adopted by the United Nations.

VPAT President Dr. Siraya Chunekamrai said: “I am delighted that VPAT and VRVC 2008 are supporting the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare to emphasize the responsibilities that veterinarians have towards the welfare of sentient animals. The stand generated from this declaration is in accordance with the veterinary profession’s commitment to be in stewardship of all animals and creates social impact on the way we as human beings treat life itself. Consequential to this declaration, the veterinary profession will be aligned to make this become a society that respects animal life and life itself.”

Saneekan Rosamontri, the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) Regional Programme Manager in Asia for the UDAW, said: “WSPA is delighted that VPAT is the first Thai Veterinary Association backing for the UDAW and leads VRVC 2008 to also support the UDAW officially. It is essential that the Declaration be supported by the veterinary profession. Veterinary support of an international declaration on the sentience of animals would be an important step towards building recognition for the UDAW from Asian governments, as well as in Thailand.”