WSPA's Work

A brown bear in a WSPA-built sanctuary, Turkey


Campaigning to protect bears from cruelty and captivity

A dog is collected by member societies Paraiso de la Mascota and Vidanimal, Colombia


Millions of dogs worldwide, on the streets or used in the meat trade, are vulnerable to cruelty

Free range lambs

Factory farming

Factory farming threatens animal welfare, human health and the environment

A malnourished working horse, Thailand

Working horses

Working horses are often overworked and poorly cared for

A slaughtered fin whale is towed to shore


Thousands of whales are inhumanely killed every year in bloody hunts

Cattle in a flooded pen, Bolivia

Disaster management

Animal welfare is a vital part of rebuilding of communities after a disaster

School children in Thailand participate in the IN AWE Education programme


Developing compassion and respect are at the heart of WSPA’s education work



This violent blood sport pits a bull against men wielding weapons

Live export

Every year, millions of animals endure the cruelty of live export from Australia.

European Dairy

It’s simple, right? Milk comes from cows and cows live in fields. Think again.

Civet coffee

Civet coffee is one of the world’s most expensive drinks, selling for up to $100 per up. Its production uses a cruel method.