Soi Dogs' documentary

Soi Dogs' is a 67 minute documentary film produced by Environment Films for and about The Soi Dog Foundation. The film has been screened at fundraising events throughout the world and has been broadcast on Television across Asia and the UK.

About Soi Dogs'

Leaving the UK to retire to Thailand sounds like a dream, but a dream can quickly become a nightmare and reality can turn on you in a second. Following key members of the Soi Dog Foundation, the documentary is a testament to their dedication in helping the estimated 20,000 dogs living wild on the island of Phuket, Thailand. Faced with horror and inhumanity each day, foundation managers, John and Gill Dalley battle on regardless, but when adversity turns into incomprehensible personal tragedy, is their will strong enough to fight another day? 'Soi Dogs' is a gripping, traumatic yet inspiring true story.

DVD's of the full film are available here.

Both Environment Films and The Soi Dog Foundation are very grateful to WSPA for giving the film this exposure and hope WSPA supporters world wide will find the film interesting and inspiring. WSPA provided The Soi Dog Foundation with a two year financial grant during the Tsunami period, which resulted in hundreds of dogs and cats lives being saved.

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