Concepts in Animal Welfare Modules

The 3rd edition of the Concepts in Animal Welfare syllabus is designed to assist with the teaching of animal welfare science to tertiary level audiences. Whether you are an educator in an animal-related field and need access to high quality resources that you can trust, or a newcomer to the subject of animal welfare science this resource is for you. Originally created in 2003 in a partnership between the World Society for the Protection of Animals and the University of Bristol School of Veterinary Science (UK), it was updated in 2007. This 3rd edition, launched in 2013, has new modules and more advanced materials to enhance the student experience. The resource is supported by the CAW Toolbox where you can find on-line resources to support the practical applications of animal welfare teaching.

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For any educators who would like to integrate this information into their teaching, such as veterinary or animal science lecturers, please contact us to request a hard copy of this resource which contains supplementary content including suggested discussion topics and extension activities.

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