Live export

Every year, millions of animals endure the cruelty of live export from Australia, needlessly experiencing immeasurable pain and suffering. 

Research conducted by WSPA, however, demonstrates that the chilled and frozen meat trade is a more humane and viable solution to live export. Every day, we are moving people on both sides of the debate to understand that the alternatives to live export not only spare animals from unnecessary cruelty but support farmers and local jobs as well.

It's cruel

At WSPA, we oppose the long distance transportation of food animals destined for slaughter overseas. Sheep in particular are poor sailors. Ship motion, high levels of ammonia, cramped conditions, noise and vibration, are all factors that cause suffering and stress - compounding trauma they may have already endured in their often long journey from farms. During trips, animals are often confined to lying down in their own faeces and enduring high temperatures and humidity. Many succumb to illness and injury. Our research shows that once the journey is over, these animals will often be slaughtered whilst fully conscious.


Our economic research establishes the chilled and frozen meat trade as a clear, viable, more humane and sustainable alternative to live export. Processing animals at home in Australia, not only spares the long and cruel boat journey but provides great benefits for jobs and the Australian economy.

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Public Opinion

We have commissioned omnibus research (May 2012), showing the majority (78%) of Australians believe that live export is cruel, whilst 7 in 10 think that the practice should be ended altogether.

Global impact

Our global offices are mobilising people around the world to support a phasing out of live export from Australia. People from the USA, Thailand, Canada, New Zealand, South and Central America have visited Australian embassies to tell the Australian government that this is a crucial issue with global interest – and that a phase out must begin.

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How you can help

Join us in telling the Australian government about the more humane alternatives to live export.

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