Untangled Declaration

The symposium resulted in a list of ‘top ten’ problem and solution statements (see forthcoming symposium report for details).

Delegates also signed up to a declaration at the close of the symposium, stating a shared concern for the animal welfare problems caused by marine litter and a commitment to take action to protect marine animals from this unnecessary suffering.

Untangled Declaration

We are all concerned that marine litter is increasingly polluting our oceans and killing millions of animals every year. Animals are ingesting and becoming entangled in debris originating from fisheries and consumer-related waste, such as plastic packaging. These animals may suffer, sometimes for long periods, and can experience painful deaths.

Recognising our shared responsibility to protect animals from unnecessary suffering, we urge our governments, industry, intergovernmental bodies and agencies, and the public worldwide, to commit to actions to: prevent our dangerous waste, including that derived from fishing gear, from reaching the oceans; to remove that which is already there; and to rescue those animals caught in its deadly grip.

In tackling the problem of marine litter we all commit to take action to protect marine animals from needless suffering.