Borneo’s orangutans: saved by you

An orangutan cared for by the BOS Foundation

In 2007 Borneo’s Nyaru Menteng sanctuary was threatened with closure when its funding failed. The orangutans that call it home faced an uncertain future, but thanks to you the lives of these wonderful animals are more secure. Miraculously, a number will be able to make the journey back to the wild to spend the rest of their days in a pristine forest untouched by human development.

Kesi has adpated to use her arm, despite her missing hand

Kesi has adpated to use her arm, despite her missing hand

© Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation

Here are the stories of just two of the 650 orangutans you have helped:

For the first eight years of her life, Aya lived in a small wooden box. With little space to grow, her feet, legs and hands curled in on themselves. When she was rescued by Nyaru Menteng staff Aya was badly deformed and suffering from malnutrition. At the sanctuary Aya received specialised care and now enjoys her freedom, rolling across the ground, and has even learned to climb trees. 

As a baby, Kesi saw her mother slaughtered by hunters wielding machetes, losing her own little hand during the killing. She was found still clinging to her mother’s body by sanctuary staff. But, with a lot of love and care, Kesi has grown in confidence and learned to climb trees using just one hand.

WSPA support

The recovery of Kesi, Aya and the hundreds of other orangutans at Nyaru Menteng is testament to what WSPA supporters have achieved.

The first part of WSPA’s rescue mission was to raise over US$1.5 million – an emergency fund urgently needed to keep the sanctuary open for another year and make vital improvements including new quarantine facilities, new and bigger enclosures and up-to-date medical equipment.

Building strengths

BOS Foundation staff aid the recovery of orphaned orangutans

BOS Foundation staff aid the recovery of orphaned orangutans

© Steve Leonard for BOS Foundation

But the need for quick and short term action to was just one part of saving Nyaru Menteng. WSPA invested almost US$700,000 in the growth and fundraising abilities of Borneo Orangutan Survival International (BOS), which funds the sanctuary. In this way the long-term survival of the sanctuary could be secured.   

With WSPA’s help over a three-year period – made possible by the generosity of our supporters – BOS have developed marketing plans, employed professional fundraisers and developed governance systems which will see them become self-sufficient and self-funding by 2012.

Together WSPA and BOS raised enough money to buy 86,000 hectares of pristine forest for releases. This space will support around 200 orangutans as well as protecting all the other wildlife already in the area.

For those orangutans whose injuries mean they will never be able to return to the wild, BOS plans to release them over time onto a series of islands which have been bought to provide secure, semi wild habitats.

Staff at the sanctuary have also reported a decrease in the number of orphans being brought to Nyaru Menteng due to education and awareness programmes. 

The future for the orangutans looks much brighter due to your dedicated support. Thank you.

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